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Full lifting of restrictions on Russian territory

June 18, 2020 on the website of the censorship agency Roskomnadzor appears a note that “We positively assess the readiness expressed by the founder of Telegram to counteract terrorism and extremism. With the approval of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Roskomnadzor removes requirements to restrict access to the Telegram messenger”. The blockage has been completely lifted …

IPv6 Ready!

No news for a long time, now the server supports IPv6 protocol (sooner or later it had to be done, IPv4 is exhausted). Also the infrastructure for TON Proxy is being prepared, the network capacity for the first time will be about 10 Gbps, wait. UPD: TON Proxy – RIP or not.

Reduced ping of the main server

Work was done to improve the response to the main Telegram server, which is approximately located Amsterdam. Experimentally, it was possible to reduce the ping by about 10 ms, and the media loading was also accelerated. Some changes on the server side, a couple of errors are fixed.

Telegram bot & necessary implementations

Released bot, which will help connect 3 types of proxies for Telegram for free. Available here – @mtpro_xyz_bot Improved check of blocked ip, which are in the registry of prohibited information in the Russian Federation.

Fast API 2.0 & Server performance

API code rewritten, query performance improved for all three protocols: MTProto, SOCKS5 and HTTP. API overview is available here – The performance of the main proxy server is also improved.

Expansion of site and server functions

The last two weeks have been productive. Added a list of public MTProto servers in beta mode. What is he like? – It contains large and not very servers that are publicly available. The addresses are in hexadecimal format, this makes it difficult for supervisory authorities to determine the true IP, and also does not …

Testing a new location

Due to the increased load on the server, additional solutions are sought that provide low ping and high network bandwidth.

Load Balancing

In addition to the two main servers, two balancing servers have been commissioned. The number of users of the proxy increases, improvements are introduced to the performance.

New record: 10,000 unique users per day

September 23 recorded a large surge of connections (almost twice) and set an all-time record of connections per day. The multiplicity of servers showed its reliability – the experiment was a success. We continue to monitor the stability of servers and do our best to balance high loads.

Launching server in the Czech Republic

After several weeks of testing, the main server began its active work, so far in one location – the Czech Republic. In the near future, new servers will be launched, to balance the load and expand the coverage of countries.