Free proxies for Telegram

Fake TLS Support

DPI defines the protocol as TLS 1.3 to a specific site transmitted through the proxy secret key.

Protection from Replay Attacks

Protects against playback-based attacks to detect proxies.


Server are equipped with high-speed channels, of which can reach up to 1 Gbit/s.


Server-based data collection

Unique users dailY

Unique Countries Weekly

MOST Users from RUSSIA

Blocks in Russia

Latest News

Related to the server and the site

IPv6 Ready!

No news for a long time, now the server supports IPv6 protocol (sooner or later[…]

Reduced ping of the main server

Work was done to improve the response to the main Telegram server, which is approximately[…]

Improved API & bot stability

– Slightly changed logic for issuing proxies on SOCKS5/HTTP protocols. Now issued the last 50[…]

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